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Spring Cleaning Special Expires 30 Apr 2011

Spring Cleaning SpecialIt is that time of year again, spring cleaning. You should not neglect your computer when you are spring cleaning your home or yard. Let LPRF Computer Services help you with spring cleaning of your computer with our Spring Cleaning Special. The Spring Cleaning Special is only $45 until April 30, 2011. This special consists of scanning your computer for unwanted parasites, removing any unwanted programs, cleaning the dust and dirt from your computer, increasing computer performance, and ensuring all available security and drivers updates are installed.


LPRF Computer Services generally refers viruses, spyware, adware, and malware as parasites. Some common symptoms of parasites on your computer are:

  • Computer performance has severely decrease.
  • Homepage has been hijacked.
  • Many unwanted advertisements appear in pop-ups.
  • Desktop settings has been hijacked.
  • Unexpected computer behaviour.
  • More information

Dust and Dirt

Overheating computers can cause serious problems when neglected. Your CPU (processor) can burn up and your computer will be unusable. Other hardware may fail prematurely due to overheating. If you had your computer for a year or longer and you have not had a professional clean the inside of your computer free from dust and dirt then you are severely neglecting your computer. Let LPRF Computer Services clean your computer free from dust and dirt so you do not have to worry about damaging sensitive parts of your computer.

Unused Programs

Do you have programs on your computer that you never use and unsure of how to remove the programs properly? If this is you, LPRF Computer Services will train you on how to remove programs properly so you can reclaim your disk space back.

Computer Performance

There are a few unwanted service that are running by default on a Home based computer and probably you will never need to use these services. LPRF Computers Service can safely stop these services from starting up and freeing up some RAM (Memory). LPRF Computer Services will diagnose your computer and recommend any hardware or possibly software upgrades that can increase the computer's performance.

Security/Driver/Software Updates

With today's exploits and other security threats, the computer should have all operating system updates installed to their computer to minimize and help protect their computer from security threats. The computer should have all installed software and driver updates as well, these updates will include software bugs, closing security threat holes, and possible enhancing the products with better features.

LPRF Computer Services have many more services than will help you solve your toughest computer problems. If you cannot find a service then feel free to contact LPRF to see if we can help you solve your computer and networking troubles.

Contact LPRF to book your computer for the Spring Cleaning Special. This special will only be available for the Prince George and surrounding area. The Spring Cleaning Specials must be performed at LPRF Computer Services location.

April 2011 Monthly Special Flyer
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If LPRF Computer Services cannot fix your computer or related problem then there will be no charge, travel charges do not apply if applicable.

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