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Have a Sick Computer?

Parasites are considered malware, spyware, and/or viruses.

Spyware performs certain actions such as advertising, collecting personal information, or changing the configuration of your computer, generally without obtaining your consent.

Do you have spyware on your computer? If you are experiencing the following symptoms, then you may have spyware on your computer.

  • You are experiencing unwanted advertising pop-ups.
  • Your personal settings have changed and you cannot change the settings back.
    Here is an example of a Desktop background being disabled by spyware. Notice the greyed out areas in the red outlines.

Wallpaper settings disabled

  • Your web browser may have unwanted tool bars.
  • Your computer may be very sluggish or slow than it should be.
  • Your computer is experiencing frequent crashes.

If you are experiencing any or some of these symptoms, then you are likely infected with Parasites. LPRF can help you safely remove these unwanted pests completely from your computer system and re-gain control of your computer. For more information, contact LPRF.

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