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Here are some photos of sites that LPRF Broadcast Maintenance has visited in the past year.

The photo's are of sites and surrounding area. The  sites are all in British Columbia located in rural area's that most people of British Columbia never get to see.

LPRF's sites - Common site pictures of Valemount, McBride, Alkali Lake, Fort Ware, Tsay Ken Dene and etc.

Damaged towers - Red Bluff in Quesnel and Canoe Creek.

Fort Babine (Wit'at) - Located at the north end of Lake Babine.

Hixon - Located just south of Prince George on Hwy 97.

Tsay Ken Dene - Located at the north end of Williston Lake.

Mt Timothy - located south of Williams lake and north of 100 Mile House. You turn off at  Lac La Hache on the Mt Timothy Road.

Alkali Lake - The native name is Esketemc, a First Nation band.

Hassler Flats - A community site just south of Chetwynd, BC.

McBride - A community site located on Lucille Mountain. McBride located in the Robson Valley roughly 220 kilometers east of Prince George. We were installing directional antennas on a Tower.

Valemount - A community site located at the BC Telephone and CBC site. Valemount is located just south of the Tete Jaune Cache on highway 16. We were installing a new channel 13 transmitter at the site on November 8, 2005. On October 3, 2006, LPRF was installing a Stereo Generator for one of the FM re-broadcast stations.

Chetwynd - A community site located at Wabi Mountain, just north of the community. Chetwynd is located on Hwy 97 north of Prince George, BC.


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