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    Any private information given to LPRF Broadcast Maintenance will not be sold, given, or traded to any third party.

Collected Information

Any information collected such as your name, email address, and any other information that may identify through email or one of our forms will be kept confidential. The contents of the email and forms become the property of LPRF Broadcast Maintenance and may be published. All published content will have all identifiable information removed to ensure your privacy.

LPRF server logs collects potentially identifiable information when visiting the domain. This information includes IP addresses, web browser used, operating system used, referring URLs, and web pages visited on the domain.

Links on our Website

The domain may contain hyperlinks to other sites and is out of our control to protect your privacy when using these hyperlinks. LPRF Broadcast Maintenance is not responsible for their privacy policies, if any, or any other practices of these sites.

If you believe there a link on our domain to another domain that is not suitable such as pornographic materials, active-x installs, or unethical content then please contact us immediately to resolve these issues.

Cookies used

LPRF Broadcast Maintenance do not use first party or third party cookies on our site.


Any disputes about LPRF's privacy policy can be submitted to LPRF by using one of the methods on the Contact Us web page.

Reviewed: October 14, 2006
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