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  Tower Work
  We install antenna and transmission lines.
  Equipment and Parts


LPRF sells new and used broadcasting equipment for whatever your needs may be. The new equipment we use is durable and efficient. The used equipment is guaranteed for one year. We have audio equipment to setup your own radio station. We have dishes for either horizontal or vertical, ExpressVu and Star Choice.
Repair Work
Most repair work is done on site to minimize down time and your cost. We can have your site back up and running usually within a few hours. If the equipment has to be removed for repair we will give an estimate time for parts to be ordered and repairs done. If at all possible we will try and install another transmitter to replace the defective one.
  Site Maintenance
  When you sign a Site Maintenance agreement it will be at 4 hours minimum. The agreement will be to clean equipment, change filters, clean the building inside, and set up all equipment to Industry Canada standards. This will be done twice a year, once in the spring when the snow has gone and once in the fall before winter sets in.
  For our customers who order equipment from us the licensing will be free for low power. The high power equipment will be done at cost. We do low power FM, that is power below 50 watts ERP. The TV for VHF is 50 watts transmitter power. The UHF equipment is 100 watts transmitter power.


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